Arthur McGowen’s Story

Arthur McGowen’s Story

Arthur and his ten siblings grew up in the Jamaica Blue Mountains with both parents where the main source of income for the family was farming. During the holidays and sometimes on weekends when school was out Arthur would assist his father on his farm. While in his final years at Trench Town Comprehensive High School, Arthur learned to play the Steel Pan from the school band. After high school he continued his journey as a professional bass player for the Caribbean Regal Steel Band.

In 1997, one year after his father died, he decided it was time it was time to seek a more stable and profitable career. With the availability of Land Water, the little farming knowledge he learned from his father, and a little savings from playing music Arthur decided to begin coffee farming.

While his first efforts at farming were less than encouraging, he did some research and decided a small irrigation system was necessary if the seedling were to thrive.  As time went by Arthur nurtured and watched his seedlings gradually grow and mature into robust trees, yielding ripe, edible coffee berries.

Over time Arthur cleared more land, planted more coffee, and expanded his business.  Unfortunately, a neighbor’s fire got out of control and destroyed all three acres of seedlings. Even though this was a horrendous experience it proved to be a valuable lesson.

Arthur meditated deeply on his dream to own a successful business, and his unwavering passion for coffee burned even brighter.  He replanted all three acres and more, ultimately achieving more than 22 acres of rich Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.   Determination, ingenuity, and hard work are the epitome of Arthur’s character. He possesses more than 15 years of experience growing and manufacturing coffee in his playground, the Jamaica Blue Mountains.

From his tranquil farm more than 4000 feet above sea level deep in the Jamaica Blue Mountains (considered his office) Arthur ensures that the best quality coffee is brought to harvest.  Each batch of coffee reaped from the farm is pulped, hand-washed, and then placed on a barbecue to air dry. From developing a unique method of cultivation and a new approach to land, people, music, and culture, Arthur’s vision is to spearhead new development in the industry and ensure stakeholder satisfaction. After becoming frustrated with trade practices, Arthur acquired a license from the CIB to trade Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Blue Mountain Coffee, Inc. is proud to have partnered with Arthur and purchased his first two 60 kg bags of JBM green coffee, paying a premium to enable his farm to be sustainable. Arthur is a dedicated father and farmer who is well respected by his peers. Arthur leads the RIDDIM STEEL BAND though sets of real Jamaican folk songs and hits of today.


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