Coffee Connect

Coffee Connect

We love how our customer Whitney uses our coffee to bring happiness, education and a sense of community with their student run Coffee Connect Cart:

The Connect Crew is one of the many ways staff and students feel safe, connected, and thriving at LMMS. The group includes students new to the English language as well as 8th grade peer mentors. This program was started with hopes to improve social emotional skills, student attendance, and develop leadership skills and capacity for both our mentors and newcomers participating in the program.

Each morning, we spend about 40 minutes together. The mentors help the newcomers acquire social language and skills, while becoming better acclimated to our school and culture. At the same time, the mentors are learning about and gaining respect for the newcomers’ home language and culture. After establishing relationships with peers, we have expanded our skills and began communicating and connecting with the adults in our building.

Students run the coffee cart, Coffee Connect, for our staff and visitors weekly to give students an opportunity to communicate with adults and create relationships with their teachers. Every member has a responsibility. Some students take orders, while others make and deliver the coffee.

We are starting additional service-learning projects this year to help our staff feel special and cared for. These projects include creating and delivering birthday cards to staff, mentoring students during LST, helping departments with organizing and small tasks around the school, and collecting and sharing notes about people in the building who are impacting students’ lives.

The idea for Connect Crew started with the coffee cart in 2022. I wanted to start something that impacted everyone in our school and made them happy. Coffee makes everyone happy!

The cart allowed students to feel a sense of belonging and gave teachers something to look forward to each week. It allowed students to get to know teachers and other students that they may not have contact with otherwise. My favorite part of the Connect Crew is the smiles it brings to our community!

Whitney S, Ed.S


Little Mill Middle School


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