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There seems to be many different thoughts on the “best” way to store freshly roasted coffee. Contrary to some, the freezer or refrigerator is not a good choice. Cold storage of coffee, either whole beans, but especially ground, tends to rob the natural moisture from the product faster. We recommend storing in our original coffee bag, which was engineered to best protect your coffee.

Whole Bean if stored in our bags, sealed and unopened, will stay at optimal freshness for up to four months. Ground coffee if store in our bags, sealed and unopened, will stay at optimal freshness for up to two months.

We roast every day during the working week.  Orders placed before 7AM EST on Monday to Friday will be roasted the same day. Orders received later in the day will be roasted the morning after we receive it. Orders received over the weekend will be roasted on Monday morning. Coffees will be shipped the day they have been roasted and packaged.

There are so many answers to this question, and all are based on personal preference! Our preference is, for the best results, use a drip pot or French Press. Use 2 level tablespoons of ground coffee per 8 oz serving. Add more or less coffee to suit your individual taste. Coffee should not be allowed to boil and should be consumed within an hour for best taste.

Check out our Brewing Guide.

Many coffee shops and retail outlets carry a Jamaica Blue Mountain® Blend, that is less than 10% Jamaican even though it is sometimes difficult to recognize it as a blend. Due to the cost of keeping an inventory and the management of keeping it fresh, most shops shy away from investing in 100% Blue Mountain Coffee. The challenges of maintaining a premium priced coffee with the balance of selling it while it is fresh, have kept many coffee shops away from offering Blue Mountain Coffee. This is the primary purpose of this web site; we sell a high quantity of Blue Mountain Coffee on a regular basis, which allows us to roast several times a day. We provide high quality and freshness with every order. You’re only a click away from quality, wherever you are located in the US.

We have selected a variety of specialty rated coffee beans from the rest of the world. The best that each region has to offer. Of course, nothing beats Jamaica Blue Mountain, but we even surprised ourselves with what we were able to achieve with our unique roasting methods.

Peaberry beans are the result of a natural mutation found in under 10% of each harvest, which results in one bean developing within the coffee berry instead of the “Classic” two. The Peaberry bean, having not had to share nutrients with a twin, has a unique flavor profile which many consider to be superior.

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