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Arthur McGowan

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Arthur McGowans tranquil farm sits more than 4000 feet above sea level deep in the Jamaica Blue Mountains. His humble local origins and decades of experience result in a product that is the epitome of what makes Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee so great.

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Arthur McGowan

Personal Pride

Arthur McGowans tranquil farm sits more than 4000 feet above sea level deep in the Jamaica Blue Mountains. He remains personally involved with every aspect of his farm and process. Arthur ensures only the best quality coffee is brought to harvest.

Cabin to Coffee Farm

Arthur had humble beginnings as one of ten children of farming parents. Determination, ingenuity, and hard work are the epitome of his character. These traits combined to ensure his rags to riches rise from small farmer to owner of this prestigious coffee farm. We are proud to have played a part in this journey. Having partnered with Arthur to purchase his very first two 60 kg bags of JBM green coffee, paying a premium to enable his farm to be sustainable. Arthur is a dedicated farmer, well respected by his peers and within the community.

Experience & Cultivation

Arthur possesses decades of experience growing and manufacturing coffee in his original playground, the Jamaica Blue Mountains. Each batch of coffee handpicked from the farm is pulped, hand-washed, and then placed on a barbecue to air dry.
From developing a unique method of cultivation and a new approach to land, people, music, and culture, Arthur’s vision has spearheaded many new developments within the industry.

Classic & Peaberry

We offer this 100% Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in Classic Flat Bean and a wonderful and exclusive Peaberry.

Medium & Dark Roast

We offer the Classic Flat Bean in a Medium Roast to enhance the subtle acidity and well-balanced chocolate finish and a Dark Roast which is smooth and bolder. We offer the Peaberry in a Medium Roast, developed to optimize the fuller flavor and additional sweet notes of this exclusive bean.

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what is a peaberry?

strange fruit

Peaberry beans are the result of a natural mutation found in under 10% of each harvest, which results in one bean developing within the coffee berry instead of the "Classic" two. The Peaberry bean, having not had to share nutrients with a twin, has a unique flavor profile which many consider to be superior.

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