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Clifton Mount Estate

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Clifton Mount sits at 4500ft above sea level on the eastern slope of Saint-Catherine’s peak in the Jamaica Blue Mountains and is a sight to behold. This world-renowned Estate produces a remarkable and what many consider an unmatched product.

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Clifton Mount Estate

Clifton Mount Estate & Blue Mountain Coffee – a historical friendship

We treasure our long-standing relationship with Clifton Mount Estate. Edgar and the owners, the Sharp family, both have their roots firmly planted in the world of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. With their family history stretching back to the 1700s, they often reminisce that they are two of the last remaining original families of the mountains.

Clifton Mount Estate Location – a sight to behold

Sitting at 4500ft above sea level on the eastern slope of Saint-Catherine’s peak in the Jamaica Blue Mountains, Clifton Mount is a sight to behold. More like vineyard than a coffee estate, the manicured entrance and orchards are spectacular.  The trees are healthy and immaculately pruned and it is clear when you stand there amidst the plants, why this coffee is so special. The farm benefits from a unique micro-climate and a rich loam soil base strong in nutriments that is optimal for coffee growth.

Innovative Onsite Processing & Rainforest Alliance Certified

This innovative estate has always kept up with the times, to ensure they produce a remarkable and what many consider an unmatched product. Coffee from Clifton Mount Estate is processed directly on-site. It is the only coffee plantation in Jamaica that controls all the steps of its coffee processing, from seedling selection, growth and care, hand picking, and wet and dry processing. It is the only Jamaican coffee plantation to hold certification by the Rainforest Alliance.

Classic & Peaberry Bean

We are excited to be able to offer two varieties from the estate, the Classic flat bean and one of the world’s most exclusive and prestigious Peaberry coffees. Characteristics of both beans include full aroma, medium acidity, quick finish, ultimate smoothness and a perfectly balanced cup.

Medium Roast – developed Specifically to Unlock the Qualities within the Beans

We offer both the Classic and Peaberry Bean in a Medium Roast, developed to optimize the coffees extraordinary qualities.
The Classic Bean in Medium Roast is perfectly balanced, full bodied with medium acidity, and has a gorgeous aroma and ultimate smoothness.

The Peaberry Bean in Medium Roast is typically a little sweeter and has a more rounded flavor because it takes longer to mature, a must for every decerning coffee drinkers Bucket List.

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what are NATURALs?


This is a limited production, cultivated using an enhanced version of the most traditional natural process. The beans were left to dry within the fruit for an extended period of time, thereby imparting an entirely new flavor profile onto the already exquisite Clifton Mount taste.

what is a peaberry?

strange fruit

Peaberry beans are the result of a natural mutation found in under 10% of each harvest, which results in one bean developing within the coffee berry instead of the "Classic" two. The Peaberry bean, having not had to share nutrients with a twin, has a unique flavor profile which many consider to be superior.

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May 7th, 2023

As a boy, Clifton Mount for me was a weekend retreat where my family would escape the heat of Kingston for the majestic cool hills of the Blue Mountains. Back then, I was more interested in exploring the hiking trails, streams and the diversified bird life. Later in my teenage years, I began to understand and appreciate the wonderful and unique micro-climate that produces some of the world’s finest coffee beans. 

I recall with great fondness the day back in 1987 when my father invited Keble Munn to visit and tour the Clifton Mount Estate. By then, Keble was a legend in Jamaican society. He was a past Minister of Agriculture and had not only built a solid coffee business but was also a stalwart in the rural communities in the Blue Mountains. I remember Keble as a warm gentleman with a strong character and a vast knowledge and passion for coffee.

It was my brother Richard who initially decided to dedicate his life to growing and processing coffee at Clifton and, with the guiding hand of my father Laurie, started to expand and develop the farm into one of the world’s most recognized single estate brands. Considered the oldest working coffee farm dating back to 1751, Clifton Mount Estate proudly produces coffee that is sold by the world’s most prestigious coffee companies, gourmet food purveyors and exclusive department stores.

We are extremely proud to have continued this tradition with Keble’s nephew, Edgar Munn, through his well-established and reputable company Blue Mountain Inc. We continue the legacy of the Munn family through these channels of trade with strong sense of sustainability and community.

Jason Sharpe
Clifton Mount Estate


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Premium roasted Arabica Typica classic ‘flat’ beans, (where two seeds have developed within the coffee cherry as normal).


Premium roasted Arabica Typica rare mutated ‘Peaberry’ beans, (where only one seed has developed within the fruit).


Our new special limited edition beans, processed using the ‘Natural’ method, to impart even more unique flavor into the beans. Currently only available in Clifton Mount Estate.


We roast all of our green bean, in house in small batches to order. We have developed each roast specifically by bean type, as each is unique. We offer Medium and Dark roasts depending on the product.


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