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Jamaica Select | Rum Flavored

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Rum Flavored variant of our Jamaica Select unique offering, exclusive to Blue Mountain Coffee. It is 100% Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, cultivated on small farms, then roasted and infused with Jamaica Dark Rum.

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Jamaica Select | Rum Flavored

Exclusive to Blue Mountain Coffee with a Twist

Rum Flavored variant of our Jamaica Select unique offering, exclusive to Blue Mountain Coffee. It is 100% Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, cultivated on small farms within the Jamaica Blue Mountains. The crops are consolidated and processed to the high standards required of all Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

The Taste of the Caribbean

We introduced this product into our collection, at the special request of some of our valued customers. If you are looking for a different take on your regular order, this could be something to try. This wonderful coffee is the same exacting quality of the standard beans and small batch roasted to order as usual. Then immediately post roasting our gourmet Jamaica Rum Flavoring is infused into the beans. The result is all of the smoothness and mouthfeel that you are used to from our Jamaica Select Blue Mountain Coffee, with the addition of the spicy, buttery kick and alternative notes of the rum flavoring.

The ‘Ugly Tomato’

During the final grading process, the Jamaica Select beans fall into a category which do not conform to the exacting green bean cosmetic standards. Maybe having tiny blemishes, a slightly wonky shape or a slightly different shade of green. This is the ‘ugly tomato’ of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee world. Thus, it has all of the flavor and same inherent quality but doesn’t quite fit the mold and is therefore undervalued.

Your entry price point for genuine 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Since you can’t taste these cosmetic quirks, you get all of the flavor at a fraction of the cost. With a pleasant almond characteristic, the balanced sugar and toasted nut notes create a round cup with good body. This is a joy to experience.

Classic Bean

We offer this 100% Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in Classic Flat Bean.

Medium & Dark Roast

We offer this in a Medium Roast & Dark Roasts developed to best complement and balance for this flavored variant. Some say this is the ideal after dinner coffee, perhaps indeed in place of dessert.

Roasted Fresh to order, every time.

what is a peaberry?

strange fruit

Peaberry beans are the result of a natural mutation found in under 10% of each harvest, which results in one bean developing within the coffee berry instead of the "Classic" two. The Peaberry bean, having not had to share nutrients with a twin, has a unique flavor profile which many consider to be superior.

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