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Small Farmer Collection

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This unique offering is cultivated by independent farmers within the Jamaica Blue Mountains. We source directly from this collective of Small Farmers as they work with passion and pride, producing coffee of extraordinary quality and taste.

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Small Farmer Collection

Unique Offering

Blue Mountain Coffee’s Small Farmer Collection is a unique offering cultivated by independent farmers and smallholders within the Jamaica Blue Mountains.

Beautiful Terrain

These small farms are dotted across the slopes of the Jamaica Blue Mountains, where Coffee production originated in 1725. Positioned at altitudes of over three thousand feet. The consequential cool climate at this altitude, allows the coffee berries longer to mature. This results in the coffee’s unique Jamaica Blue Mountain body and flavor.

Community Spirit

These men and women of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee farming communities work within the islands most challenging terrain. The workforce is almost entirely family and neighbor based. They work with passion and pride, producing coffee of extraordinary quality and taste.

Coffee Collective

They hand pick only the ripe cherries in quantities which would not normally be processed. They band together to consolidate and process their crops to the high standards that the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee certifications require. We source directly from this collective of Small Farmers, the true essence of Direct Trade Sourcing.

Classic & Peaberry Beans

We offer a Classic Flat Bean and exclusive Peaberry. The Peaberry Bean is harvested from the same trees as the Classic Flat Bean. However, it is unique since it does not split into two halves as the regular (classic flat) bean but remains closed. Consequently only 2-3% of the coffee harvest will yield a Peaberry Bean which makes it so rare.

Medium & Dark Roast

We offer the Classic Flat Bean in a Medium Roast to optimize the classic Jamaica Blue Mountain flavor and body and a Dark Roast for those of you who prefer something a little bolder. We developed a Medium Roast to perfectly enhance the sweet notes of the Peaberry.

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what is a peaberry?

strange fruit

Peaberry beans are the result of a natural mutation found in under 10% of each harvest, which results in one bean developing within the coffee berry instead of the "Classic" two. The Peaberry bean, having not had to share nutrients with a twin, has a unique flavor profile which many consider to be superior.

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Premium roasted Arabica Typica classic ‘flat’ beans, (where two seeds have developed within the coffee cherry as normal).


Premium roasted Arabica Typica rare mutated ‘Peaberry’ beans, (where only one seed has developed within the fruit).


Our new special limited edition beans, processed using the ‘Natural’ method, to impart even more unique flavor into the beans. Currently only available in Clifton Mount Estate.


We roast all of our green bean, in house in small batches to order. We have developed each roast specifically by bean type, as each is unique. We offer Medium and Dark roasts depending on the product.


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